There are many visual elements in this picture: a sporty woman stands on one foot on the rock–it seems like she is doing yoga, winding mountains and a meandering, mirror-like river. Brilliant sunshine lights up the valley–cloud and indistinct shape of mountains were reflected in the river. What beauty it is!

As long as I saw this picture at the first time in a magazine, I realized that this was exact life style and state I want–healthy, relaxed, and peaceful. I love exercising, especially yoga and jogging, so this picture truly communicates what I usually do which can make audience know about me. And a few year ago, I have been to Japan and Yunnan, an incredible city in China, alone, because traveling is my passion–geographical landscape is attractive to me–so that this picture illustrates precisely that sometimes I like to stay alone to do yoga and jogging in the morning, and to have a trip breathing the fresh air.

The reason why this picture is important to me is that this picture illustrates the ideal place I dream to travel, the ideal state I want to have, and, most importantly, the ideal person I want to be. When people view my website, I hope them know what kind of person I am. I believe people will like this picture in my landing site.


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