I’m an international student, and this is my first year studying Agnes Scott College in U.S. I’m not used to American food sometimes, probably because Chinese food are mostly like cooking dishes, and the seasonings are quite different. I’d like to introduce my favorite dish, sweet-sour-pork-chop. Sweet-sour-pork-chop is one of the most famous and traditional dishes in China. It’s very easy to cook, and you can buy the ingredients in Asian super market.



  • Fresh pork chop
  • A bit of white sugar
  • Salt
  • Chinese vinegar
  • Chinese cooking wine
  • Soy sauce
  • Chinese onion


Directions (IT’S EASY!):sweet-sour-pork-chops-8

  1. Fresh and chopped pork-chop
  2. Clean in tap-water
  3. Deep-fry for a few minutes
  4. Get out the pork chop after they turn brown in oil
  5. Stir the pork-chop


Almost every family in China is able to cook this dish, and, of course, everyone loves sweet-sour-pork-chop, because it’s so DELICIOUS. In holidays, I always cook this dish with my mom, and invite my friends and relatives to share the food. It really reminds me of my hometown and families while looking at its picture.


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