Leadership Reflection

Throughout the semester, LDR 101 has motivated me to read broadly, think deeply and write deliberately. Reflecting on my essays and final project, I am grateful that they strengthened my ability to do research and to develop arguments.

This course gave me an opportunity to understand deeply about Atlanta and leadership qualities. By reading The March and March: Book One, I figured out similarities and differences among lots of leadership qualities, and realized what a great leader was. I learned a lot of Atlanta’s history on class, and knew many famous characters from Atlanta, such as Jr. Martin Luther King and Congressman John Lewis. I also realized the conflict between African American and whites. LDR 101 really interests me and helps me with gaining knowledge which I do not understand before.

With writing essays, I found it was a great way to polish my essay, revising grammar mistakes and using effective evidence with a solid organization. Professor Diedrick gave me lots of useful advice about my essays, and he taught me a lot, especially his serious and positive attitude towards every assignments. I am looking forward to accepting more challenges, and growing into a better thinker and writer in the future. To conclude, this course has an extremely important impact on me.

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